Our Program

Program Mandate

Olive’s Branch works in collaboration with various agencies throughout BC. Individuals who are currently in or have recently exited a detox centre, are exiting a correctional centre, are currently in or successfully completed a treatment program, or individuals who are currently struggling with an addiction and have a desire and will to be and remain sober are eligible to apply. Applicants intent and desire to maintain sobriety will be gauged to determine program suitability.

Referral Process

Individuals can be referred by oneself, a friend, family member, an agency, health care professional, treatment facility or institution. Referrals can be made by submitting a completed application to Olive’s Branch in personal or via fax or e-mail. Once an application is received the applicant will be contacted to undergo an intake and screening process to determine program suitability.

Individuals must have full funding in place to begin program participation. This includes; a security deposit of $300.00, contents deposit of $25.00 and the monthly program fee of $625.00.