Our History

Legacy of Olive Annabelle Mawhinney

Olive’s Branch is named in honour of Olive Mawhinney, who was very involved with several charities throughout her lifetime and believed in the importance of giving back. In 1994 Olive heard about AWAC opening and it soon became one of her favourite charities. Over the years, Olive donated clothing, bedding, household goods, and every year she made a financial donation which she delivered in person. It was always a joy to see Olive and her beautiful smile.


Olive’s Branch Program

In 2019, AWAC developed a sober living transitional housing program named Olive’s Branch as a response to an identified need in the community for people who wanted to attain a life of sobriety and wellness. This program was designed for individuals to provide them with a foundation to grow stronger in their sobriety and be supported to reintegrate into society.